Laurel Park Place shoppers spend 
tens of thousands of dollars
 every day of the year!

Sell, Advertise and Promote your brand, products or services in the middle of
  Laurel Park Place.  
Establish your credibility in the community.  

  Artists  Authors  Crafters   Decor   Designers  Entrepreneurs   Exhibitors   Jewelry   Vendors  Micro-Enterprises   New Products   Direct Sales ​  
  Entrepreneurs EXPO @ Laurel Park Place
Michigan Crafters Marketplace

Laurel Park Place Shopping Center
37700 West Six Mile  Livonia, MI 48152

Saturdays 9a-7p  * vendors 8a
                 (March 4, 2017 & October 28, 2017)

1.  Location Location Location !  
2.   Great opportunity
3.  Very high income shoppers
4.  Over 75% female shoppers
5.  Saturday busiest shopping day

Sell your products or services inside
Laurel Park Place in Livonia, MI.  

*  Stores not in other malls.  
*  Stores, Services catering to women 
*  Several hair, nail, waxing, massage 
*  Over 75% female shoppers
*  Saturday busiest shopping day
*  Up to 50% more shoppers cold weather months.

Exclusive Exhibitors 
One rep from each brand every event
No competitors same event

       Laurel Park Place     March 4 & October 28, 2017      
     Press button: CONTRACT at top of page. 
     Print 2 copies of CONTRACT on paper.

   Complete, send US Mail 1 and bring 1 event date.  

  1. Mail 1 copy of CONTRACT with check 90 days  
        before event date for $20 discount.  
  2. Mail with check for regular price if less than 90 
        days before event date.
  3. Mail CONTRACT, pay online Eventbrite, regular  
       price. Complete & mail contract before events.
  1. $20, paid 90 days advance, checks, money orders
  2. $10 rebate, refer others, write your name
  3. $20 rebate, set up/take down tables
​  4. 2 tables same event $160
  5. 3 tables same event $210
Reserve Table at Laurel Park Place

Entrepreneurs EXPO
Michigan Crafters Marketplace
All Entrepreneurs to attend, print 2 copies of CONTRACT on paper.  Complete and mail with check or money order 90 days before event to receive $20 advance discount.  OR:
Mail check with full payment if less than 90 days before event.

Pay online Eventbrite.  
Mail in CONTRACT US Mail in advance for mall approval and to list with insurance.  

Saturdays  10-7   March 4 & October 28, 2017 
 Laurel Park Place - Livonia, MI     

Matching Tables, Cloths, provided
2017 Exhibitors tables $99 each
2 tables $160, 3 tables $210

Get with friends, others crafters to reserve 
for multiple discount

$10 rebate every vendor you refer
$10 rebate post 100 different sites with your name
$20 rebate, set up tables night before 9pm
Exhibitors Discounts and Rebates by mail
$99 regular table rental

   - $20 Discount, pay 90 days advance     - $20 Discount, pay 90 days advance
   - $10 rebate, each vendor you refer       - $20 rebate, refer 2 vendors
   - $10 rebate post 30 differentt sites        - $20 rebate, post 60 different sites
   - $20 rebate help set up tables               - $20 rebate help take down tables
​                      FREE TABLE 1 event
Sign up 6 other vendors October 2017
 * Post events on your website, facebook, other .
 *  Post contract with your name.  
 *  Email contract to other exhibitors, crafters,   
    designers, entrepreneurs, vendors to attend, sign 
    up with your name.  
*  You get $10 for every vendor, your name on contract
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Sell hand crafted items.  Matching tables, chairs, cloths included $39 inside store.
10a-7p  set up 8 am
10/14/17, 3/10/18, 10/13/18
               Oakland Mall
Small Business FAIR

412 W 14 Mile, Troy, MI
Entrepreneurs  EXPO

  Laurel Park Place  37700 Six Mile, Livonia, MI 48152

A UNiqUe Exhibition 
Some of most famous entrepreneurs came from Michigan:
Edison, Ford, Kellogg

Garage Sale* Flea Market 
Hazel Park Raceway
C*A*R*N*I*V*A*L        June 10, 11, 2017
 Local artists, crafters, designers, entrepreneurs, 
direct sales, local businesses, special exhibitors, vendors
tables in middle of Oakland Mall and all around fountain
Everyone provided matching tables, cloths, chairs.
  What is your great idea, crafts, designs, inventions?
Do NOT buy cars, trucks from Snethkamp, Telegraph Rd, Redford
Oakland County Business Association Inc Michigan suggests: